ENTP was created with the idea “if you get enough smart people in the room, anything is possible.” We are experts at architecting, designing, and implementing web applications using Ruby, Ruby on Rails™, and Javascript.

Tim Clark


Tim has over ten years of project and business management experience, having worked both in the heady days of the Web 1.0 boom and bust on sites such as the Spider-Man Movie website, the X-Files website, and other entertainment properties. In the middle part of the decade, he worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion laboratory on the management teams of the Kepler Mission, the WISE Project, and the Keck Interferometer. In 2009, he finds himself back working in the web at ENTP, which is at turns much less stressful and much more stressful than space telescopes.



Brandi wears a few hats at entp, mostly fedoras. Between Lighthouse and Tender customer service and making sure The Godfather is a happy camper, she enjoys playing music in copious amounts.

Courtenay Gasking


Courtenay (court3nay) is the crazy-ideas man and founder of ENTP as an agency. Working on the idea that, "if you get enough smart people in the room, anything is possible", he brought together this talented and skilled group of developers.

Outside of code, he creates bands (Arradia) for indie record label Motivator, owns the Heart Cart, a tasty food truck in Portland, and produces glitchy techno beats as half of Telesonic Commander. He also releases music under f3mr.

Julien Lancien


Julien (asciithoughts) is passionate about code and tools. When he's not debugging Ruby, he is usually reading about the cool new stuff we'll all be using tomorrow. In another life, he used to optimize Fortan applications on supercomputers, and some say he even wrote PHP. After a few years on the East Coast and France, he settled in Portland to chill among the trees, because, well, that's what life is about!

Nicole Ramsey


Nicole (chronicole) lives in Portland and loves it very much. Used to live in Austin and misses it very much. She ran/walked/staggered to finish the 2000 Portland Marathon. She finished the last five miles in the time it took her to do the first 21. She likes to break your things.

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