Ruby Training Atlanta 2009

Three day workshop. April 1st-3rd, 2009.

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GaTech Hotel

entp is teaming up with Ruby Power and Light to present a three-day Ruby course in the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center on April 1st-3rd, 2009 in Atlanta, GA.

Ruby is a fully object-oriented, general-purpose programming language, widely known and admired for its clear, expressive syntax and its ability to help you reach your programming goals quickly and pleasurably. If you've seen Ruby before, you understand its appeal—and if you haven't, go have a look and then come back and sign up!

Who should attend?

  • Programmers from other languages just starting out with Ruby
  • Anyone with some Ruby experience wanting to learn systematically and solidly
  • Rails and Merb developers looking for a solid Ruby foundation
  • System adminstrators interested in a powerful tool
  • Hackers (in the traditional sense!) intrigued by Ruby and its versatility

It helps if you're a programmer, but if you understand what programs do, and what a programming language is, you're welcome to attend!

What will we do at the course?

The course will include presentations and explanations of Ruby-language features by well-known experts, with an emphasis on live code demos, and hands-on practice and exercises for the participants.

Course objectives include an understanding of:

  • Ruby's syntax
  • The Ruby object model
  • Built-in classes: strings, arrays, hashes, and more
  • Method definition and calling semantics
  • Basic object-orientation principles
  • Program design with classes and modules
  • File and console I/O
  • Ruby iterators and collection objects
  • Code blocks and lambdas
  • Ruby's scripting power
  • Basic testing principles and Ruby's testing facilities
  • ...and more!

What do I get?

In addition to high quality training from well-known experts, you’ll also receive:

  • A Ruby book that you can use to refresh your Ruby skills after the training.
  • A binder with slide printouts that you can use after the session is over.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack foods throughout the day.
  • Internet connectivity throughout the training session.
  • New Ruby friends and colleagues to stay in touch with beyond the training!

What should I bring?

A laptop and yourself! If you don't have Ruby installed already, we'll help you install it quickly at the beginning of the course.

If you have any queries, please contact us on

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